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Thread: The Glorious Paleo Work Lunch

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    The Glorious Paleo Work Lunch

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    Over the years I've eaten pretty much how everyone else has during lunch break at work: previous nights leftover du jour, meager Lean Cuisine or other boxed fare, sandwich and chips, a run to Burger King and the like. I even went on a three/four year routine of salads mixed w/ a deli meat or egg for lunch. At least then I was getting some vegetable intake but these lunches always made me feel logey, unenergized and in the case of the salads....ravenous by supper time.

    These days I'm sporting fresh steak, burger, salmon, chicken, sausage, bacon or some other prime cut of meat along with fresh steamed veggies slathered in all natural buttery goodness. Breaking out the lunch bag now is almost akin to hitting the steakhouse or attending a banquet. Coworkers all stare longingly at my plate as the aroma fills the breakroom, and they dig into their cans of tomato soup, boxes of cardboard tasting noodles, greasy fries and so on. They eat but they don't enjoy. I'm not looking down on them or being condescending. I was one of them for 20 years. I know they're thinking to themselves, "why can't I eat like that?" Of course they could; only takes 1-2 weeks to break the bread addiction and they'd be off and running. Most of them won't do it. Glad I did. Thanks to my good friend who turned me on to Paleo eating. I now look forward to a healthy lunch that leaves me feeling great the rest of the day. Paleo are glorious!

    I'm feeling good today. Can you tell?

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    This post makes me happy! I love feasting like a queen even when I'm not at home to cook a fresh meal. The other day I brought leftover ham, an avocado, and mac nuts to college. I looked pityingly at everyone else eating their packages of granola bars and canned soup.

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