Things have been going great for me the past few months, I've been steadily increasing the weight on the bar every week. On September 24th on my second deadlift set, I let my form suffer for the sake of getting the weight up on the last 2 reps (very bad idea, I know). After the set I felt just a slight ache in my lower back, no big deal I thought.

Next morning my lower back was very stiff and did have a sharp ache anytime I bent at a certain angle (deadlift, row angle etc.). Pain wasn't very bad so I just thought I'd let it heal itself up. The next morning it felt great, slight ache but nothing major. I decided to do my workout for that day which included squats and barbell rows. Got through the squats fine, just a very minor ache after the last set and did one set of rows and stopped my workout after that because I could tell I was really aggravating it.

So since September 27th my lifting has been limited to weighted chin ups, dips and the bench press. I've not done anything that puts pressure on my lower back or anything that requires me to bend at that angle. I've done light stretching every other day or so and since Sunday October 14th I've been using heat wraps and taking some extra strength aleve. This injury just does not seem to be getting any better and I'm really starting to get worried. I currently don't have any insurance so going to the doctor would have to be a last resort.

The pain is not bad at all, but it's enough to stop me from doing squats, deadlifts, rows etc. I walk around, can lift things up, sleep etc without any pain at all. Just wondering if anyone else who has gone through a similar injury could let me know how long this thing can take to heal. I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long considering it felt like a very minor thing. I'm now worried that I'm dealing with a chronic injury now.