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Thread: Absent Morning Hungry & Healthy Leptin/Cortisol Levels

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    Absent Morning Hungry & Healthy Leptin/Cortisol Levels

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but in an ideal situation, cortisol would rise upon waking (making you alert) and leptin would lower upon waking (making you hungry.) Does this mean that people that aren't hungry in the morning and intermittent fast have a hormonal imbalance/faulty circadian rythm?

    Perhaps if stress is REALLY low, intermittent fasting in the morning isn't that big of a deal, but not consistently. If healthy, we should posess that "metabolic flexibility", but on an everyday basis I feel like that may interrupt the body's natural hormonal behavior.

    Has anybody (particular females) noticed any differences with long-term fasting vs. when they weren't?

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    With the intermittent fasting I noticed that I am usually hungry upon waking up, but it quickly goes away if I am of a sufficient weight and/or overfed the day before. It is the mounting hunger that I aim to satisfy, in other words, the one that doesn't go away after 30 min-1 hour and that becomes destructing.

    I understand that i did not discussed the hormones, because frankly I can't wrap my head around it though I tried, but fwiw, my ability to fast is entirely dependent on my weight and on the previous day's calories. Sometimes I just get full. Love that feeling. I IFd 5 days a week at the weight of about 123-125 lbs for months. Also, going out to train instead of sitting at the desk at work makes hunger less noticeable. At some point the body gives up on the 'feed me' signal and I can push the meal till 10 am-lunch instead of 6-8 am (I get up at 3:30-4 am).

    My biggest no-no to fasting is when I start waking up at 2 am hungry. That's when fasting and caloric deficit is off the list.
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    Not in regards to weight: within a week of inconsistent meals, I feel like I can't sleep as well and my moods suffer. Of course, I would not say that I am healthy. I don't think it's a good idea for me.
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    I've read a fair bit about the hormones/hunger signals/weight loss deal but not enough to spout off specifics, but I think you have the gist of it: if you are not hungry in the immediate hours within waking (and you didn't gorge out the day before) then your hormones are probably out of whack. Often, even eating less calories in this state will not yield weight loss, because of the hormonal issues.
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