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Thread: How to Use the Primal Blueprint Journals Forum

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    How to Use the Primal Blueprint Journals Forum

    This forum is the place to make your own personal Primal Blueprint health challenge public. Define it, make it public and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

    Then start your own "Primal Challenge Journal" to track your progress over the next 30 days and beyond.

    To start a "Primal Journal" just begin a "New Thread" in this forum, Primal Blueprint Journals. Make the Topic Title "Primal Journal (your handle/username)".

    For example, mine would be:

    Primal Journal (Mark Sisson)

    Here are some great examples of forum users keeping journals:*

    Here are some ideas on what you could include in your journal:

    1. "Dailies". Simply list the Primal meals you've eaten throughout the day to track your own progress and to share your choices with other Grokkers.


    Day 10: Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: Eggs + Spinach, Peppers, Onions, 2 strips of Bacon

    S: Almonds + Green Tea

    L: Beef Patty w/Lettuce, Tomato, + 1 round slice of pineapple

    S: Almonds + Green Tea

    D: Beef Stir fry w/Red Onions, Yellow Peppers w/Mixed Greens + Sunflower seeds

    2. Exercise routine

    Add "WOD" to your "Daily".


    WOD: 100 burpees for time (10 min. 10 sec.) and walked for about an hour around neighborhood

    3. Any other musings regarding your challenge, your choices and achieving your goals.

    Let's Get Primal!
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