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Thread: Help! Fallen off the Primal bus and having a hard time getting back on

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    I like that whole "jolt" theory too. Never heard it referred to as that, but it's how I've always operated too. Before going primal I read and absorbed for a couple weeks, and then made the decision it was time to get onboard.

    As to your issue, if I'm reading you correctly, your sleep got all out of whack due to kids and you snacked during those awake moments. I've had this struggle before too...a touch of insomnia, followed by late night TV accompanied with peanut butter and saltines, pop tarts, cookies or something else equally unhealthy. These days I keep green olives, pickles, a variety of pickled peppers, bacon and eggs on hand for snacking. Sometimes I'll keep deli turkey, turkey pastrami, genoa or hard salami on hand to throw into the mix. Not all of it is strictly Primal but a darn sight better than the snacks of days gone by. No real weight gain or guilt associated with snacking this way either. And if you've just got to satisfy that sweet tooth keep some dark chocolate bars on hand. The darker the better near as I can tell. seems like you've gotten back into your groove a little bit now, but keep this in mind for the future. I snack on those lovely green olives almost every night. Love 'em!
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