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    Favorite nutrition blogs, videos, articles, and papers!

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    So fellow paleo afficiandoes and primalites...

    I've posted this thread for us to share our favorite articles, videos, blogs, papers, ect. on the topic of nutrition.

    They can be on any topic related to nutrition that you thought was particularly interesting. Perhaps there's an article or a video out there that inspired your primal transformation? Maybe something that changed your mind about a certain nutritional idea that you used to hold near and dear? Maybe you're doing a lot of reading regarding a certain topic and just found a video you found particularly interesting?

    Well, this is the place to share the wealth!

    Feel free to comment on and discuss what others have posted as well.

    I'll start:

    Secrets of Longevity - YouTube

    This guy originally started his YouTube channel to promote just what it says "longevity." He was originally a vegan, who switched to raw vegan, and almost became a raw "fruititarian" I believe was his term. He is now almost 100% primal with his diet, but you can follow almost his entire journey through his hundreds og interesting videos and he does a wonderful job of explaining why he changed his nutritional outlook and opinions, he provides references, resources, and other interesting links to back up his ideas and posts on a wide variety of nutritional hot topics. I really enjoy listening to what he has to say, he seems to know his shit pretty well.

    Now, you try!

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    Dr. Terry Wahls - "Minding Your Mitochondria" tells how she overcome Multiple Sclerosis with diet.
    TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria - YouTube

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    Some blogs/podcasts/forums I check fairly regularly.

    Anthony colpo
    Chris kresser
    Don matesz
    Chris masterjohn
    Jimmy moore
    John mcdougall
    Dean ornish
    plant positive
    And a few others.

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    Few blog names I frequent the most:

    eating academy
    perfect health diet
    robb wolf podcast
    body by science
    wild fermentation
    Cogito Ergo Edo | I think, therefore, I eat! | Cogito Ergo Edo this is to get pklopp off his ass and doing some more articles

    And of course there is Google Scholar I spend some good amount of time searching.

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    I do need to listen to the Robb Wolf podcast more often than I do...

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    I like The guy's name is Anthony and he started as a raw vegan and has since moved to paleo style diet. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE We're due to have him as a guest on our show.

    Obviously I like Mark Sisson's blog. I read that just about every day.

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    I will have to try these blog names.
    I love listening to Rob Wolf, his podcasts are really funny. He and Greg have so much funny banter. It is informative without being too serious.

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