All right I was in the gym today, got a great work out in Anyways I am just amazed at all the failures I observe in the gym. And this is coming from someone who is still somewhat noobish when it comes to weightlifting. I am definintely not anywhere close to the stronger guys in the gym, but I do not care at all. I work hard and comepete only against myself. To me, form is the most important thing. I even hired a personal trainer for a couple of session to critique my form and I learned a TON, it was a great desicion. I'd just like to recount some of the failures I see in the gym and I hope that you guys will add your own.
First of all the obvious, bro curls. Uhhh hate seeing these. Ripped dude gets like an 85 lber and just starts jerking the hell out his entire upper body to get the weight to the top and then more or less lets it free fall back down. smh.
Today I witnessed probably the worst lat pull downs in the history of man kind. Guy comes up and loads up probably 3/4 the stack. Proceeds to yank down on the bar violently, ass comes probably 6 inches off the chair, and he finishes with it behind his neck. The he lets the weight free fall as the bar goes up, and catches it which causes his ass to raise again, and repeat. It was brutal to watch.
And lastly just simple squatting not even going past 45 degrees. At most maybe 30 degrees. Lol and a lot of people recommend to go past parallel.
I know I shouldn't care but it is very cringe worthy