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Thread: French Press coffee - good and very bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I was using the same French roast stuff I always buy from Trader Joe's. I cut way back on the coffee and feel infinitely better. At most I put about 2 level measuring teaspoons in the press now instead of an 8th of a cup. And when I get my second cup later, I make it half a cup. I think I will taper off the stuff because since I've cut back not only do I feel better but I think I have better definition. Could be a reduction in edema around the knees and ankles where it's most visible for me.
    Water retention due to coffee? That would be the first time I have heard that one. Most people experience the opposite effect. Coffee is considered a diuretic. Interesting...
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    Another factor to take into account-not necessarily for you SB, but in general:

    Some of the cheap "house brand" pre-ground coffee can be , er, "extended" with roasted corn. I have a corn sensitivity and verified that rumour personally - the hard way. If you have a sensitivity to corn (or any grain, for that matter) you'll want to make sure your coffee started from whole beans.
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    I believe it was water retention due to hormones gone haywire due to caffeine intoxication. I did not sleep well for a few days. I'm sure there were elevated stress hormones going on.
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