I need your advice. My wife has recently decided to give it a red hot go. I've been primal for a long time now, but I was already fairly healthy and low carb to begin with, so I didn't get any "carb flu" or other adverse effects. My wife on the other hand is coming to primal after a long period of a very high carb diet with a crap tonne of sugar in the form of chocolate/ice cream/baked goods. I want to support her the best way I can, and the best way to start is knowing what to expect. She's been primal for about a week now and already gotten a couple of headaches (although I'm not sure if that is due to a really bad toothache she has right now or the diet) and she is crabby here and there too.

What else can I expect from her? Believe it or not she gave me her debit card and all her cash so I'm the one doing the shopping and she doesn't have access to any of the bad stuff. Is there a certain time when it suddenly gets easier, or on the flipside is there a time when she will just want sugar so bad that world war 3 will happen? Any advice would be great guys.