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Absolutely. After a workout, you're primed for nutrient uptake! I assume you're juicing all of that. I would get rid of the banana and add some more veggies (I like to use tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli stalks, cucumber, kale, carrots, etc) and get those carbs in your post-workout meal instead.
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Why not mix the protein into the smoothie? That is what I do. If possible use a blender like vitamix because then you keep the fiber in the smoothie.
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I've been using USP Modern BCAA, Creatine, milk, 100% chocolate power and some honey. It's awesome. And then I cook dinner.
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Eat a damn steak!
i eat it 40 min late - thanks guys for help

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Eat food. Don't drink it. Here is what I ate the other day after my workout:

That's around a pound or so of eye round, 2 white potatoes, 1 sweet potato and 2 plantains. All baked, not fried. I try and keep fat down after a workout and carbs way up. I recommend you do the same. And eat your carbs, don't drink them. In this case, I'll give the edge to starches over fruits. I prefer fruits as a carb source when more sedentary because it's slower to digest.
thanks ChocoTaco i will try your post workout meal