I had my gallbladder taken out 10 years ago. I also have a multitude of hormonal problems and digestive issues. I have done some research on gallbladder disease and what causes it etc.....

I am wondering how many people out there have these problems that are being studied as related to gallbladder disease. So I thought maybe I would get some feedback on the subject.

How many of you have had your gallbladder out/ or have gallbladder disease along with these other issues?
1. Iron deficiency anemia
2. Celiacs disease
3. Estrogen dominance
4. Hashimoto's thyroiditis or Graves disease
5. Adrenal issues
6. Chronic Fatigue
7. Fibromialgia
8. Crohn's disease
9. Difficulty losing weight
10. Any mental/ mood issues

Or if you have other issues that aren't listed feel free to list them. I would love to know the chain of events for them if you know them just to see if there is any connection between cause and effect etc......

For myself it was:
anemia(all my life)
gallbladder disease (symptoms starting at age 12)
celiacs(symptoms possibly starting around age 13)
adrenal fatigue (starting around age 22)
estrogen dominance (starting around age 23)
graves disease (starting around age 27 I think but may have been present during childhood as I was severely underweight until puberty)

Thanks for sharing!