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Thread: McDougall and this years scientific expert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moochy View Post
    What always occurs to me when vegetarians/vegans reference chimpanzees and their diet which they claim should be our diet is...WE ARE NOT CHIMPANZEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our brains are larger and require different nutrition, our guts are smaller and we are not hind gut digesters. We do not need to eat and crap for 8 hours per day and so on. Why do the veggy folks want to be chimpanzees? When the genus homo appeared 2.4 million years ago we were on our way using tools to crack open marrow bones and skulls. We were on our way to homo sapiens. The last vegetarian ancestor, Australopithecus, is thought to have eaten a largely fruit went extinct. HELLO!, it went extinct and homo evolved, eating MEAT and whatever he could find.

    Nope, we are not chimps but the argument is invalid anyway because Chimps are omnivores. They do eat meat. Sheesh! Maybe she needs a steak so she can think clearly.

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    Here is an interview to add on to his article he wrote attacking paleo. He has declared a war on paleo. He maintains the science is all wrong and the archeologists know that humans have always been starch eaters...for 2.5 million years. The guy is nothing but adamant.
    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
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    Of course, that's not what archaeologists say.

    And we already know why his "position" is wrong. That's been covered extensively in this thread.

    He's a nutcase and unable to take an objective view of things. Beyond a certain point does it even matter what he says or what he thinks? I suppose he'll keep on misfeeding himself till he has diabetes or cancer or Alzheimers or something else. No one could dissuade him. The pity of is that he will deceive the weak-minded and harm them.

    But, as I say, beyond a certain point ... Looking at his views is a bit like looking at a running sore you can't help or heal. One might as well endlessly discuss what Islamists believe with regards to the origin and age of the earth and the proper punishment for adulterers.

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    We do eat starch, but starch usually comes from roots and tubers in hunter-gatherer societies. And the paleo diet includes starch. So what is the problem? I really just don't understand why people get all freaked out about not eating grains. Why is that such a big deal?
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