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Thread: Do you drain beef mince fat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HERC0 View Post
    How much damage will the fat from the grocery mince really do to me?
    It won't. People overreact about that. Seriously they do. They ate soybean and canola oil for years and never batted an eye. But conventional beef fat? Oh my god! I think it's just traces of crazy CW or vegetarian thinking with a paleo/primal overlay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    I could see draining it, but rinsing it seems a bit ridiculous and reminds me of crazy low-fat diet stuff. A little residual conventional beef fat is not going to make you keel over and die.
    Yeah, this. The only time you should ever drain and rinse is if you are going to dehydrate it.
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    I do the same, also if it's CAFO/conventional meat, I may add in some good fat to replace what I drained off.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarieD View Post
    Grassfed= leave fat in or drain a little off for later use (good as gold - can't waste)
    Grocery store = Drain and rinse (mince) and throw it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    all the bad stuff in conventional meat bought at most grocery stores is in the fat. it's not going to kill you or anything, it's just not as clean and well balanced (omega ratio) as grassfed beef.
    'All the bad stuff goes into the fat' - could this be why my acne's getting worse since going primal and losing some of my own body fat? All the bad stuff being released into my body etc?
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