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Thread: Why don't French have much acne?

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    Thanks Katiethepiano for the advice. Maybe it is the chocolate for me, i will have to experiment with that. I find that topicals work too but also irritate and don't actually CURE the ROOT of the problem.

    I tried doing the bone marrow broth a few times but just couldnt get really into it. I will have to try doing it again though because I have heard nothing but great things on this site.

    Glad to know fats arent an issue, if anything I do better on a higher fat diet for constipation and I guess it shouldn't aggravate any acne

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    Hey VeggieLover!

    I've never had horrible acne - just horribly sensitive skin. Perhaps some of it is useful to you, so here is what I have learned: almost all those "products" out there... are mostly junk. I'm just wondering if you have truly read the full ingredients list from everything you do put on your skin. When you start doing this and religiously research each and every single ingredient listed, you will be shocked at what is going on your skin. So many ingredients are first-class skin irritants, and stuff that is supposed to moisturize actually does the opposite. The rest are preservatives, and if they can kill bacteria in the bottle, why is it that nobody considers that those same preservatives will still kill bacteria when applied to the skin (as in, kill the good protective bacteria), for example?

    Also, if it is going on your skin, it is going into your body... and how much of that stuff do we really want to "ingest" via our skin?

    Otherwise, two of the biggest offenders in my body are chemical additives to food (preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fungicides...). And seed oils. Seriously. That has been the biggest, most awesome surprise of my life... that seed oils inflame my skin. Once I got them out of my diet, I could walk and play outside in our Ohio sunshine and not fry to a crisp! (I am famous for not wanting to go outside and play because it would feel like my skin was on fire, which is really sad because I have four kids who want their mama to play with them, you know.)

    Americans in general also wash just too damn much (with too much/many soap and detergents). I have German family in spades over in the Vaterland, and have been to Paris myself, and there is this cultural divide between US visitors who seem to be astounded at the "lax" hygiene of Europeans and the Europeans who think Americans are OCD with the showering. I have learned (from a French friend and a German natural skin care book series) that it doesn't take a Super-Bacteria-Killer-Artificially-Perfumed-Highly-Foaming-Detergent-Bar to get skin clean. The next time you are in Paris, try asking those women what they do to wash up, and see if they will answer you. I had a horrible time in Paris and think Parisians all are huge snots, but perhaps they will take a liking to you and give you useful information - you might even see a trend or two and be able to translate that to your routine over here.

    My French friend swears by softening her water, even if she has to add a little baking soda to a clean sink full to get it. Now I have well water (we moved to the country) softened by a house water softener, and we really don't like "city water" much anymore.

    But, yeah, definitely get the gut in order. Be sure to add fermented FOODS to your diet as much as you are humanly able, and not just probiotic capsules. There are a lot of helpful, nourishing compounds in true foods that aren't in those supplement bottles.

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    I never had acne when I was young. But I fell for the commercials so I bought some products to clean my skin and put on afterward. I broke out! I knew right then it was all a scam. Anyway, I think you've gotten some good advice.
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    The French have one of the lowest intakes of fructose and one of the highest intakes of saturated fat in the developed world.

    Fructose being highly inflammatory and bad for the skin.

    The French also generally eat a lot of seafood and vegetables which both promote healthy, clear skin.

    Vanity may also be relevant.
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