I recently got my blood work done and my Triglycerides went up from 70 to 96.
I am trying to figure out why. Anybody have any ideas?
I saw this below, it could be an explanation. Body fat loss and liver fat loss due to increased choline can dump triglycerides into the blood temporarily.
Has anybody heard of this, is it legit?

The Paleo Premise: Troubleshooting High Cholesterol on the Paleo Diet

Fatty liver is a progressive disease, it affects 20-30% of the population as a disease state (even more people would have some degree of fatty liver) and is strongly associated with the metabolic syndrome. It can be caused by excessive alcohol, fructose, PUFAs and choline deficiency (and hepatitis). Choline is used to clear fats from the liver by exporting them in lipoproteins. Most people are somewhat choline deficient because of our high requirement for the nutrient and low consumption of choline rich foods (eggs and organ meats especially as well as other animal foods). So when they switch to a Paleo type diet and eat more of those foods their choline elevates, the liver now has the necessary nutrients to clear its fat deposits. The result is reversing fatty liver at the expense of a temporary increase in triglycerides and sometimes cholesterol.

Losing body fat means that fat has to be mobilized and mobilizing the fat results in an increase of triglycerides. This can make your total cholesterol go up, your HDL go down (therefore lower HDL: triglyceride ratio) and the influx of triglycerides are packaged in VLDL which degrades into small, dense LDL as the triglycerides are used up. Once again this is a temporary increase in blood lipids resulting from a healthy metabolic context.