Hi folks, the hubby and I have been primal for the last ~5 months after about 13 years or so of being vegan/raw vegan. We have been very strict, no dairy, absolutely no grains of any kind (including no white rice), no potatoes, no corn, and recently we have not even been eating fruit.

So anyway, we just had blood tests done, and I think the results are interesting, especially as compared to our vegan days. Some of the numbers got worse, and some got better, and I'm trying to decipher what it all means. It's really easy to read the other posts where people advise not worrying about wacky cholesterol numbers and nod in agreement, but some of the changes in my numbers are worrisome. It's fascinating at the very least, and I'd love it if anyone wants to weigh in.

Without further ado:

Total cholesterol in January 2012 (as a vegan): 179
Total cholesterol today, Oct 2012 (primal): 251 -- ack!

Triglycerides in January 2012 (as a vegan): 87
Triglycerides today, Oct 2012 (primal): 71 -- i had expected it would be much better

HDL in January 2012 (as a vegan): 55
HDL today, Oct 2012 (primal): 46 -- how could that number go DOWN?!?

Calculated LDL in January 2012 (as a vegan): 107
Calculated LDL today, Oct 2012 (primal): 191 -- yikes!

My husband's numbers followed all the same trends mine did, except that his HDL went up where mine went down.

Any input/thoughts appreciated!