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Thread: so where do pilates fit into PB fitness?

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    so where do pilates fit into PB fitness?

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    I really like pilates. I have a few different programs I like. The first is power yoga/pilates burn 50 min and yes iy really burns! The second is a 45 min pilates program that uses hand weights. the third is a 43 min program of fat burning pilates. About 25 min pilates based cardio plus the rest is floor work.

    Both the power yoga and pilates tend to use your own body weight as resistance quite a bit. All these exercises make me really feel it in the right areas. I love them because they really tighten everything up! However recently reading the fitness chapter in PB I'm not sure where these fit. I also really like 30 day shred.

    I'm likely missing something obvious but I can't see how to fit these into the PB fitness categorys.

    Sun ~ move slowly ~ nice walk
    Mon~ move heavy things~ threw wet hay bales
    Tues ~ ??????????? ~ fat burning pilates
    Wed~ ?????????? ~ fat burning pilates
    Thur~????????? ~ 30 day shred and walk

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    I'm interested in this as well. And will just share my own experience.

    I practice vinyasa flow yoga, and find myself at home in intermediate/advanced classes. (I have done pilates in the past and love it, and find it quite similar to yoga, w/ more emphasis on core. I'm thinking I'll add some in as part of my yoga practice soon, I hope. I feel yoga slightly lacks, for me, the core focus you get TONS of in pilates ) I felt like I wanted to add something else in, be *more* pb, and asked questions here and at the caveman forums. Per various folks' advice, I added in some bodyweight stuff (like squats, push ups, working on pull ups, lunges, burpees, etc), and did my yoga on off days. I have found that there is something very different about doing HIIT type stuff, and doing compound strength training stuff. It has absolutely helped my yoga practice immensly, and I personally consider my yoga days as the slow/steady movement (w/ some strength training naturally built in). There is no doubt that my yoga practice has TREMENDOUSLY built my strength, but I have found I like utilizing bodyweight workouts as well, and am becoming stronger every day.

    I think it also depends what your goals are. Yoga is my favorite, and the fact that my strength training stuff (which is pretty simple) helps me become better at yoga, while also building my overall strength, makes it worth it to me.

    Here is some great stuff on strength training from a recent thread:

    Here is an example of what my week might look like:

    Sun 45-60 minutes vinyasa flow yoga
    Mon Sprint (using tabata protocol)
    Tues 45-60 min vinyasa flow yoga
    Wed Bodyweight workout (15-20 minutes on average)
    Thurs 30 min vinyasa flow yoga
    Fri HIIT style bodyweight work out, (16 min on average)
    Sat Rest

    I also walk w/ my 3 yo son (sometimes carrying him) and play in the back yard, vary my yoga practice, and probably have more rest days than that (although I am pretty active as a mom ).

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    Looking at your schedule, it looks like you have 2 PB-ish workouts in the list, and would be using the pilates as the slow/steady movement (w/ the strength training components naturally built in of course). Maybe just add some sort of sprinting every week or so to get it to what Mark recs?

    I'm really a newbie to 'working out' (although I've practiced yoga for years) so take what I say w/ a grain of salt!

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    Hi there,

    I alternate between power yoga, power walking 4.5 - 4.8 speed, ultimate frisbee, and some light running.

    I wear a polar watch to check my heart rate, so I know that I am getting the interval intensity that I need.

    So typical week for me:
    Monday - power yoga 60 mins ~ 350 cals
    Tuesday - power walk & few sprints & abs - 40 mins
    Wednesday - off
    Thursday - power yoga 60 mins
    Friday - functional: abs, resistance bands, TRX, pretty much all core
    Saturday - lately off :-)
    Sunday - power walk, kinesis, abs, resistance

    Hope this helps!
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    i have a dvd with a 20 minute routine. occassionally i'll do the whole thing, but mostly i just pick & choose which ones i feel like doing each day. i do about 15 minutes of various asanas, pilates, stretches every day - i just kinda chalk it up to moving slowly, i guess, since it's a slow resistance process.
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    I too love pilates. I go to a class and use the reformer. This I consider as "do something you love" and add it in to anything else that I may be doing. It just makes me feel so good and gives a great stretch after some of my more intense workouts.

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    I feel that pilates and yoga, often falls into "move around a lot"... Plus, for me as well, they are quite enjoyable. Although some practices can really get the heart pumping... they are generally not cardio in nature... So, I would do it as you like... and yes, get in those "sprint"... (My goal too!!!), and the extra lifting...

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    Thanks for the input. The fat burning pilates is sure cardio for the 1st 25 min. Would I be overdoing it if I did the pilates 5x a week plus the walking and lifting heavy stuff? It really does wonders for my back issues along with the yoga.

    I'm sure my 14 year old would be thrilled to "race" with me once a week!! It is a foreign concept to me not to over do the exercise and I am trying to make sure I'm understanding it correctly.

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickprimal View Post
    Thanks for the input. The fat burning pilates is sure cardio for the 1st 25 min. Would I be overdoing it if I did the pilates 5x a week plus the walking and lifting heavy stuff?
    I think if you feel GOOD doing it, it's fine. If you start to feel really sore or achy or tired like you're pushing yourself too hard, then I'd back off. Or maybe try and pick and choose some other pilates stuff that isn't as intense for a couple of those days. The whole PB look at fitness has had me really following my body more--there are days where I just feel like I NEED to get up and move and do a hardcore workout, and days where I feel like I need a rest--and I just follow that...

    And just fyi, my sprinting (Tabata style) takes 4 minutes, plus a little cool down time (I don't generally warm up...) My total work-outs for the week (not including my yoga and regular every day active movement) take less than an hour (could be just a half hour). Everyone is different, but this feels good to me. I'm all about efficiency!!

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    Opps I didn't explain that very well. I figure the other pilates 4 x a week no the cardio fat burner. I have so many dvds it is ridiculous but I enjoy them all. Thanks for explaining in detail how you follow your body. I have some degenerating disks and I am much less stiff and sore the more often I do pilates/yoga. The chiro turned me on to those plus inversion a few years ago. My body feels much better when I do it even if I do have sore abs!

    I think for the sprints I will race kiddo and the dogs down the field. I will have to time it. I'm not sure I can even do 4 full minutes of flat out running. I will give it a go on Saturday and see. i tend to be much better at distance and strength. Oh, one of the reasons I love pilates is years ago i tried heavy lifting and really hated the bulk Since i am short and busty I have enough bulk!!. I want long, lean, strong muscle.

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