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Thread: Meat doesn't leech calcium after all(?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna5 View Post
    Yes, refined carbohydrates are guilty as charged.
    It seems a possibility. After all what does characterize "modern" diets as much as anything? The consumption of these.

    IIRC, Dr. Cate Shanahan suggests in her book that if you train yourself to be a "sugar-burner" -- by over-eating the stuff -- then you will down-regulate your fat-burning enzymes. That means your body may be likely to look for material that it can convert into sugar for you -- and that may mean the protein-matrix in your bones. I've heard that from several people, and it sounds plausible. But when I tried to find an online reference from Cate all I came up with was this:

    Osteoporosis Treatment Without Drugs: The Missing Link to Superior Bone Health |

    I suppose the (or one of the) other possible mechanism/s of action would be gut-injury. This seems to be going this way:

    Cooling Inflammation: Osteoporosis

    I have heard that one's gut flora should make vitamin K2, which seems to be absolutely crucial for bone building. Maybe here is another place where gut dysbiosis is implicated -- through excess consumption of refined carbohydrate, antibiotics, lack of sleep, or goodness knows what else.

    However, here's yet another suggestion I came across today that fingers not the presence of refined carbs but the absence of something -- namely, iodine.

    Frahm said his clients who suffer from a weak thyroid exhibit a number of common symptoms including hair loss, fatigue, cold extremities and a lower core temperature. Digestive problems arise like gas, bloating and indigestion. Some people experience swelling in the hands and feet as well as PMS-type symptoms. They don't breathe well, or they don't sleep well. "There's a whole framework of symptoms that people develop," he said. "They don't think they're related but they are related."

    Additionally, some people aren't able to absorb calcium at that point. "When your thyroid function is low, you're moving toward osteoporosis," he said.
    Upcoming Naturopathic Seminar on Breast Cancer Prevention to Focus on Hormonal Balance - Enumclaw, WA Patch

    Someone had posted that today on Jack Kruse's forum. He commented but didn't say much. What he did say was that almost everyone these days is deficient in the nutrients that are most abundantly delivered by seafood, and that's what's really at the root of "Neolithic disease".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    I suggest what causes osteoporosis is probably the consumption of refined carbohydrates.
    Yes I am sure that is why the Inuit have such issues with osteoporosis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twa2w View Post
    Yes I am sure that is why the Inuit have such issues with osteoporosis.
    Can't tell if sarcasm...?

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