I've had sporadic cases of psoriasis since childhood, and in the last few years, started having a runny nose and itchy eyes right around September (allergies). The psoriasis was bizarre in that it started on my abdomen as a child, moved to my scalp and then stopped and remains at my hips. I've always had itchy dry skin through the Canadian winters but when I get a lot of sun in the summer, it's pretty much gone. Anyway, did some experimenting....

I was vegan prior to becoming paleo and for the nearly 2 years that I was, the psoriasis was put at bay. The red patches remained (albeit small) but no scaling or flaking of the skin. Felt great (with respect to the psoriasis).

I then went paleo overnight, and no changes. I was not eating dairy as it isn't paleo. Eventually, I did add in whey protein and then from some suggestions here on how to up my calorie count, added goat cheese and goat/sheep yogurt. The psoriasis and itchy skin came back.

I cut out all dairy for the last 6 weeks, and that included whey protein from grass fed cattle. Within the first week, the psoriasis was back to no flakes or scales. I then cut out eggs too to see if that made any more improvement - it didn't. But yesterday (after 6 wks dairy free) added back in one whey protein shake with 2 scoops of whey. Woke up this morning and the scaling is back. Also, my skin was/is very dry and in general, itchy all around.

Looks like all dairy is out for me, forever. No biggie, it was easy not having any for the 6 weeks, not to mention for nearly 2 years before that. Thought I would share this with everyone.

EDIT: forgot to also mention that my allergy symtoms also stopped when I cut out the dairy. Within 2 days, no itchy eyes and no stuffy nose.