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Thread: Cramping....(again)

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    This weekend I was camping at a great mountain bike event, but one of the nights was much colder than expected. I have a 32 degree sleeping bag that WILL have a companion by NEXT October. Thankfully Saturday evening was close to 25 degrees warmer.

    Friday evening I had terrible leg cramping on those times I had to make the cold journey from my tent to the bathhouse. It wasn't a long walk, but my feet, calves, and shins were cramping during the trip. Not, however, when I was asleep or actually in my sleeping bag (as ineffective as it was). No other problems with it the next night but, of course, it was much warmer.

    I've started taking CALM magnesium supplement in the last couple of weeks. I did hydrate that day, and am trying to figure out what might have been the cause of the cramping. Someone told me that if we get too cold that will do it - but I've not been able to confirm that - at least at none of the sites I've looked at. The temps were in the high 30's that night. It took until noon the next day for my feet to thaw...

    Leg cramping in general appears to becoming more of a problem, and it never happened prior to going primal. Thoughts anyone?
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