Earlier this year I made some progress on my overall health, I had lost weight (40lbs), was sleeping better (not all the time) and feeling great. For the past few months though I've been struggling to eat Paleo, I can usually go about a day or so now before reverting to SAD foods. While I don't want to get into excuses I've given myself the only significant change in my life has been increased stress.

I know I'm not the only one to go through this so I wanted to ask what has worked for you guys in terms of staying on track. I've been sedentary most of the time in the past and don't really enjoy cooking that much to begin with. So these are very big lifestyle changes for me and goes against many of my preferences. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would be great. If anyone knows of a cookbook or recipe site that has a lot of really simple dishes that would be great too as most recipes I've found either don't sound/look appealing or take a long time for an inexperienced cook like me.