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Thread: Issues staying on Paleo

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    Avoiding nutrition advice, Not drinking enough water,
    Drinking diet soda and beverages,
    Eating off larger plates, Choosing white bread,
    Sleeping too little or too much....

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    Well, you're in the Bay Area, so even if you don't like to cook, there must be some healthful eateries near you. A burger joint (hold the bun and have a salad instead of rank oil fries), sushi galore (wasn't that a character in a James Bond book?), North Beach has all that Italian - think fish and veal, not pasta or pizza (more fish at Spenger's). The specials at Tommy's Joint, Thursday through Sunday. Rib joints.

    As to keeping Primal at home, you've gotten some good advice. Make a list of your favorite primal foods, and stock up. I buy usually four pounds of grass fed ground beef at a time, and though it's a pain in the ass at the time, I divide that up when I get home into the size patties I like for one burger, then freeze them individually in ziploc bags. When I want one, they defrost fast. I also hard boil up half a dozen eggs at a time (not a pain in the ass and just as easy as hard boiling two) - another easy to grab snack. Treat yourself to a new spice each week. Google recipes that use it. If fresh veggies tend to spoil in your home (some do in mine), buy frozen; they're easy, and generally chopped which cuts out a lot of effort.

    Do you not like to cook, or are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Buy a slow cooker. Toss meat, veggies, water, spices in in the morning; set on low. When you get home there's food - you cooked. I haven't had a slow cooker in years, but I think some of them even roast chickens or roast beefs now.

    Stir fry: sliced meat, veggies, spices, good oil - easy. Bacon (pork chops or hamburger) and eggs - fry, eat. A burger topped with avocado and salsa.

    A lot of people here (including me if I can find BPA free cans) like canned fish. Tuna, salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring, even oysters and clams. Opening a can is easy, and while not technically cooking, you've prepared a meal. Do you like lox and cream cheese on a bagel? Do lox and goat cheese on nori (sushi seaweed sheets) - it's really better because you can actually taste the lox without it being "muffled" by all that bread.

    Find a deli you trust. Roast beef, tongue, sausage, cheese (if you do dairy). Roll them up, dip them in mustard. Eat. Even cured meats (although bologna can be dicey) aren't that bad. I was the queen of "pick up some cold cuts and a baguette and call it supper." Now I just skip the baguette (and I'm in Po' Boy country - they don't make it easy).

    Pier 39 - Don't you have some of the best fresh markets in the world there? I drool with envy.

    Salads. I'm not much of a cold greens eater, but I like salads a lot. Cold chicken or fish, hard boiled eggs, asparagus, tomatoes, beets, mushrooms, radishes, nuts, potatoes, vinaigrette (a fancy word for oil and vinegar).

    Mark says to get rid of the nonprimal stuff in your home. Good idea.

    Good luck and good eats!

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    I think to stay primal, you need to accept that you have to learn how to cook, or be happy with not very exciting food.

    I would keep trying. Develop 4-5 easy to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you look forward to. Always have those ingredients on hand. Then each week, try one new recipe. Kind of build up to having an arsenal of very attractive alternatives to SAD foods.

    For example, these are my staple meals:
    Bacon & eggs
    Egg scramble with avocado and salsa
    Fruit and almond butter
    Smoothie with yogurt, frozen berries, banana and almond butter
    95% of the time those 3 options make me happy. 85% of the time, it is the eggy ones. When I am just sick of those things (maybe once a month, I make paleo pancakes).

    Boiled eggs and lunch meat
    Apple and almond butter
    turkey burger without a bun, avocado and salsa
    Avocado rolled with roast beef
    Salad with some meat

    Grilled meat, sweet potato, sauted greens
    Meat stir fried with veggies
    Burger on top of a bed of spinach, sweet potatos, a dollop of homemade mayo and kimchi
    Pulled pork, slaw

    And usually once or twice a week, I make something more involved. Coconut rolled meat balls, a green bean braise with coconut milk, a roasted chicken etc.

    Eventually you will have a collection of recipes and ideas that you can draw from. I have comfort foods (meat, sweet potato fries, spinach), exotic meals (laab), etc. etc. It's just about building that base.

    Oh, and don't buy SAD foods anymore.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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