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Thread: Newbie question about muscle pain?

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    Newbie question about muscle pain?

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    Here is the background. I just started with primal living 2 weeks ago. I've been pretty good on the eating front. The exercise side however... I started walking again an hour everyday on our little hilly dirt road for about a week, then I got sick and stayed home taking it easy. Once I felt better, I really wanted to use all this newfound energy I've been feeling, so I worked in the yard all day (mostly raking, and all day was about 3-4hrs.) then we went for our walk and did some running, not much but some. This was a pretty active day for me, anyway when I layed down that night I started having intense muscle pains in my arms and legs. I've been sore before but this felt different, it was painful! I didn't feel like I had done enough to warrant this kind of exhaustion. The next day we walked around a corn maze and I was on my feet most of the day and last night, same thing with my legs! I'm wondering if this is normal? If it has something to do with the diet change? If there's a quick fix to the pain I don't know about (maybe I'm deficient in something?) Thanks for any help!!!!

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    mamasunshine, whenever you exercise you are actually stressing your muscles to the point of tearing (just tiny tears though, nothing to be alarmed about). it's in the recovery or healing time that you actually get stronger. it sounds like that's what's going on here...that pain is blood going to your muscles to rebuild them once your body is at rest.
    you may also experience something called DOMS, which is delayed onset muscle soreness. it may not show for a day or two, but it will hurt. just remember that it is a good thing. eventually, as you get stronger, the pain goes away. then, you'll try something new and it will come back, and you'll realize that you kind of like it.

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