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    I eat them out of the can as a snack or for lunch, usually.

    You can also make a really good, easy 'pasta' sauce with them. To do this, I take about a tablespoon or two of the olive oil from the can (assuming you got ones canned in olive oil) and saute a bunch of minced garlic - like 4-5 cloves at least. Add chopped fresh tomatoes - or a can or two of tomatoes - and cook for about five minutes. Mince up the sardines and add those. Add some cayenne pepper and let it all cook down for awhile until the sauce is thick. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can put other fresh herbs in too, if you have them on hand - olives or capers might be a good addition, too. I eat it over spaghetti squash, or you could poach a couple of eggs in the sauce and eat it that way.

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    The thread is 6 months old. If you haven't been able to bring yourself to eat them by now, just feed them to the cat. It will at least make the cat happy and get the can off the shelf.

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    The entire can will most likely make the cat the middle of the night, so just open the can and eat it with a fork and share a bit with the cat..... Bonding moment. Quick and easy is the whole point of a can of sardines. If you want complicated, get smelt.

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    Add some mustard, if you like.

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    In Australia we get sardines in three base varieties: in veg oil, in springwater or in a tomato sauce.
    The sauce version isn't too bad, the springwater can be tipped out and the veg oil is feral - probably soya oil or something disgusting - I never buy that one.

    For the tomato one I tip into a small bowl, pour in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil, stir and eat
    For the springwater one I drink the water as it has some fish oil in it, then fill up the can with the oils and eat

    Followed by a bit of fruit it's a perfect primal snack.

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