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Thread: What to do with this can of sardines? page 2

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    straight from the tin with habanero hot sauce...
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    I eat mine straight from the tin. It's a no hassle kind of meal. Followed with ruby red grapefruit, yum. I just started an auto delivery of Wild Planetsardines from Amazon. Almost half what it costs at my co-op.

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    make fisherman's eggs! where you basically bake them with eggs, some garlic and parsley. Or make a kind of salad out them with two boiled eggs, some capers, dijon mustard, lemon, parsley all mashed up.

    I also make sardine patties, with mashed cauliflower instead of potato, lemon dill capers and and egg only I haven't yet found a substitute for bread crumbs so, although not pale, i still use those to coat them with.

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    I have a friend who puts them on top of oatmeal.

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    I ate sardines straight up out of the can for lunch today. I like the Mediterranean seasoned ones the best. I've heard of people putting them in sauces (pureed) but haven't tried that yet.
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    Pesto right on top.

    Or just salt and pepper

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    can also blend them into a caesar salad dressing of some kind.

    but yea, if you eat them at work, don't do it in your office nor discard the tin anywhere near anyone else, the smell is a bit strong. I think I drove some officemates away due to eating fishies at work...
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    My favorite way to eat sardines or herring is mushing them with water they come in, and topping with sprouts. Or piling on a slice of a cucumber or radish. mmgh.
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    Endive sardine boats...

    Recipe from a cookbook I have:

    6 sardine fillets.
    1/2 cup finely chopped parsley.
    1 chilli, chopped finely.
    1/2 juice of a lemon, plus the zest.
    2 Tbsp olive oil.
    1/4 cup cream cheese (optional).
    1 endive.

    Grill the sardines on both sides. In a small bowl smash the sardines, parsley, chilli, lemon (zest and juice) and oil together.
    Pull apart the endive and place a spoonful of cream cheese in each and top with the sardine mixture.

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    Eat 'em out of the can ... no shame in that.

    Eat them with a salad.

    Eat them in a curry.

    Fancy some rice? Make a Kedgeree.

    Whatever you decide, eat them. They're good for you, taste good, feel good, blooming nice to eat.

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