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Thread: Primal Journal of Nathan R.

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    Smile Primal Journal of Nathan R.

    Day 1
    10.15.12 "Pay Day"

    1. Meals
    Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in butter with half a slice of cheddar. Iced coffee with heavy cream sweetened with splenda.

    Lunch: steak strips with red pepper, green pepper, and onions. water.

    Snacks: Handful of macadamias, yogurt with stevia and raspberries.

    Dinner: Cod fillet cooked in coconut oil. Salad of kale and parsley with olive oil.

    2. Exercise routine

    Walked 3 miles

    3. Any other musings regarding your challenge, your choices and achieving your goals.

    Still on my quest to possibly eliminating splenda and stevia, but I love my coffee. Also, got to try out my new skeletoes. My legs were really sore from just walking.
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