I've been following the primal blueprint for about 3 months now.

I've cut out all the grains, starches, and misc. carbs. Basically surviving on meat and vegetables, with some occasional fruits and nuts. I work out twice a weak with very heavy weights and do some lighter cardio 3 times a week, with some intermitted fasting (max 1 day/week)

I can easily go without food for 21 hours without actually getting hungry (at the 21 hour mark I start eating out of boredom.)

Though initially I dropped from 18% body fat to 17%, that seems to be about it (I'm nowhere near the 8% body fat that mark mentions

Here are my numbers:

6 days a week:
total Cals: 1900
carbs: 105gr
protein: 123gr
fat: 112gr

And 1 day a week I just relax and eat what I feel like (I don't over eat, but I do eat some bread)

I'm 1m88, 40yo, 80-82kg (64 lean mass), 17% body fat.

Just looking at this I feel I could easily increase the amount of fat and protein in my diet without fear. What I don't understand is where the extra 10% body fat is coming from. Or why it hasn't been dropping even a little bit over 2.5 months time.

Anybody any ideas?

(8% is not my goal, but 12-14 would be cool)