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Thread: Chronic Injury: PF and soft tissue injuries in foot

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    +1 on the massage and foam rolling. At the start of barefoot running, I went through several experiences dealing with PF (and still do occasionally). The amt of stress our feet are subject to makes them the perfect locations for developing adhesions in the soft tissues as well as overstressing the many tendons and ligaments.
    Once I begin feeling that familiar pain in my feet, in all kinds of different locations from the sides to the toes to the heels, I break out either a tennis ball or golf ball and go to town rolling my feet out. Depending of the severity, it can hurt like hell and you WILL be sore the next day, but repeated efforts rolling out the tender areas and I eventually experience relief.
    I've heard people have good results with hydrotherapy as well, which consists of alternating hot/cold water baths. The idea is that by using hot water to dialate blood vessels and then cold water to contrict them in alternating cycles, you are thermally forcing an increased blood flow to the injured area. More blood flow = faster healing, especially in areas such as the feet that suffer from reduced blood flow as is.

    Oh and cortisone shots are a band-aid, temporary relief without addressing the cause of the problem. Avoid them if at all possible, and work on physiotheraphy.

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    Active Release is AMAZING!!!!! had a Chiro use it on me after the twins were born, and my upper back was taking a beating from the constant weight increase and lifting... it can hurt while doing it...

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