So, my mother wants to experiment with a ketogenically diet, so she's asked me to create a meal plan for her. But she's told me that she still subscribes to the lipid hypothesis and has said she is looking to keep her saturated fat and cholesterol intake levels at or below CW recommended levels.

One step at a time I guess. I still want her to be able to try out a ketogenically diet to see how she feels, whether she loses weight, and get her to try something she has never considered before so I'm puzzling over this.

Can anyone provide some advice and insight as to how one might make a ketogenic diet possible while still using CW saturated fat and cholesterol levels? I've thought that it would be best to try and keep omega-6 levels as low as possible for obvious reasons.

Obviously the bulk of fats would likely have to be monounsaturated fats, but what other pieces of advice can you throw my way that might make this work?

Argh, this is so much easier when you don't have the lipid hypothesis hang-up.