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Thread: Natural remedies for "feminine issues"? page

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    Natural remedies for "feminine issues"?

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    This might be TMI.. But I figure that there has to be at least one person on here who has had this same issue! I'm a 20 year old female, and I've only had one yeast infection in my life(when I was about 16. I think it was a yeast infection at least, because I took an OTC medicine and it went away). Anyway, I think I just got my 2nd yeast infection.

    Here are my symptoms: itchiness "inside and outside" and soreness. Last time I had a yeast infection, I had a lot of discharge. This time, almost none. I'm just confused as to whether this really is a yeast infection. I eat a good amount of yogurt, which is actually supposed to get rid of yeast infections. I eat a cup of full fat plain yogurt about 5 times a week. I also eat cheese almost everyday.

    Should I go ahead and buy an OTC remedy? Or is there another way to get rid of this? I read that eating yogurt helps prevent yeast infections. But I already eat yogurt.

    I'm trying to avoid having to use medicine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have heard several ladies around here mention the Chinese herb "dong quai." I'm not a lady so I can't tell you much about it other than to say that it seems to get good endorsements for hormone regulation and other "femenine" issues from the ladies that I've heard mention it.

    It's all natural at least. Maybe some ladies here can tell you more about it?

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    I've seen one post where someone mentioned they used a probiotic capsule to alleviate their yeast infection. (hint: not orally)

    It's not something you hear much about, but in my mind it makes perfect sense.

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    I've used melaleuca (tea tree essential oil) topically/vaginally with great success. It has a warm tingly kind of feeling, odd but not uncomfortable or painful.

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    if you're not sure what it is, get it checked out by a doc. really.

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    [[[[Yeast infections - prick a garlic clove with a fork, and stick it in the vagina. I've heard all kind of advice about putting the clove in a piece of gauze with a string for easy retrieval and/or warnings NOT to prick it with a fork (it can burn sometimes), but I'm not afraid to "dig" for the clove, and it doesn't usually work as well for ME if I don't prick the clove.]]]]

    I started a thread on natural remedies a while ago - and this was posted by a member. I do not know how effective it would be, but it may be worth a try, and who knows, it just might work !
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    It's not something you hear much about

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    A remedy I've used for (mild) yeast infections is to draw a warm bath, pour some apple cider vinegar in the water and sit in the bath for a while. The acidity helps restore a healthy ph level to the vagina. I've also heard of using yogurt (and it must be plain. No added sugar!) internally, but that seems messy.

    If home remedies and/or time doesn't resolve the issue, you probably want to see a doctor if you are able. There are other causes of itchiness and odor, such as bacterial vaginosis or other infections, and those you want to treat.

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    I would get it diagnosed by a doctor. I had a yeast infection once and then after that I seemed to have the same symptoms all of the time and kept using over the counter medicine. For like a year. Then I found out that it was a bacteria (vaginosis) that was causing the symptoms, not yeast, and all I had done was destroy the bacteria's competition so it had set up shop. If it is bacterial in nature, I'd just take an antibiotic...+ plus some probiotics. If it is yeast, Diflucan is just a pill or two. Why suffer through home remedies when you arent even sure what you are treating...If it is bacterial and goes on too long, you could end up with a pelvic infection. I was lucky mine didnt spread.

    Good Luck.
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    I have heard the garlic as well. It is supposed to be antibiotic as well as anti fungal.

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