This might be TMI.. But I figure that there has to be at least one person on here who has had this same issue! I'm a 20 year old female, and I've only had one yeast infection in my life(when I was about 16. I think it was a yeast infection at least, because I took an OTC medicine and it went away). Anyway, I think I just got my 2nd yeast infection.

Here are my symptoms: itchiness "inside and outside" and soreness. Last time I had a yeast infection, I had a lot of discharge. This time, almost none. I'm just confused as to whether this really is a yeast infection. I eat a good amount of yogurt, which is actually supposed to get rid of yeast infections. I eat a cup of full fat plain yogurt about 5 times a week. I also eat cheese almost everyday.

Should I go ahead and buy an OTC remedy? Or is there another way to get rid of this? I read that eating yogurt helps prevent yeast infections. But I already eat yogurt.

I'm trying to avoid having to use medicine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!