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Thread: Japanese sweet potatoes - how do you like them

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    Japanese sweet potatoes - how do you like them

    I picked up a couple of these - white with purple skin - and prepped them like I do the orange ones, but I'm looking for advice. 14yo DD is the biggest fan of sweet potatoes in the house and I try to keep them on hand, roasted and in the frig as a substitute for Doritos or Nutella on a spoon, lol.

    My usually recipe for sweet potatoes is cut into chunks, tossed in a mix of olive and coconut oil and sprinkled liberally with salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and garam masala. Hopefully, DD will like the Japanese version this way. These were more like a cross between parsnips and jicama in both taste and texture (is that typical?) and they discolored super-fast once peeled. After roasting, they had a more white potato texture with a sweeter taste. DS, who is more of a white potato fan, liked these a lot more than sweet potatoes. I saw Patski's recipe for BBQ parsnip fries, which looks like a great option for DD who loves BBQ potato chips. Any other suggestions?
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