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    Azure Standard,, delivers to many places around the country. Contact them to see if there is a drop near you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattyH View Post

    First of all, thank your husband (and you and your toddler!) for serving!

    Second, I'm an army brat of long standing. My mom was very early on the nutritional bandwagon, going back to the sixties (now that was a good combo - my dad the army lightcol, my mom the adele davis hippie). She would drag us kids exploring around every base we were dumped at until we found the local Asian market/section - you can find lots of paleo there. My son is in the air force now and discovering the same thing.

    Good luck!

    Matty. Thanks for your appreciation. During our 8 years of marriage, hubby has been deployed 5 years of it. Most people don't understand that, to be a military *wife*, you have to be a MARRIED single person! LOL

    There is ONE oriental store here that's bigger than a phone booth, and it doesn't carry a lot of fresh produce or meats. More canned squids and noodles and soy. A HUGE selection of cookware and dishes... but not food worthy at all.

    I am seriously even having issues with getting meat shipped here. Every place is too far away (or WAY too expensive) to ship. I've been looking into going on a trip to NM as I believe I've found a farm or two I could get some meat from. I can get to a Whole Foods store in Albuquerque (spelled without looking up! **thumbsup**) but it is a 9 hour drive round trip. I would need to do a severe prep for a trip like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by jkr View Post
    Azure Standard,, delivers to many places around the country. Contact them to see if there is a drop near you.
    Checking it out now. THANKS!

    Also, for those who keep commenting on going *easy* on the nuts, I ALSO use nuts to make homemade NUT MILK. My son, who seemed to be lactose intolerant until he turned 3, drinks gallons of nut milks. He also adores nut butters. And again, if using nuts to keep my kiddo interested in eating healthy, I still say To Each His Own.
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    I second the Fast service, good prices. I order mac nuts from them.

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    I use Amazon for bulk unsweetened almond milk, dried fruits, etc...There's free 2-day shipping if you get the Amazon Prime membership (if someone in your family has a school email account you can get 50% off membership price). Fast, reliable shipping, decent customer service most of the time, and a wide variety of stuff I can either subscribe to get shipped to me on a regular basis or save in a wishlist. I easily make back the membership price in a few weeks.

    I use as well even though it charges shipping because everything there is so FRESH and high in quality. I got macadamia nuts the other day and they were jumbo-sized.

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    If you need shipping help you can contact with Aero Auto Transport-New York,Boston,San Diego,Bangor Maine company.It will be easy for you;.

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    Doesn't any supermarket have dates? Walmart has them, where I live. Of course, Walmart is actually getting rather impressive lately... mmm, Krema.
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    Those backed bananas sound amazing!

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