I find that often after I have a meal that I bloat in my stomach. Especially if I eat a lot too fast. I been trying to eat slower. When I am talking about bloating, I am discussing mainly my stomach sticking out more after I eat. Often my bloating is triggered when the meal is either high in sodium or carbs. Eating slower has helped, and so has drinking more water throughout the day, however it is like before I eat i have a six pack and then after I don't see it as well. Usually I have to weight a few hours until I have a bowel movement for it to go away. I am just wondering, is this bloating can be prevented if I change my diet up? I tend to have around 2600 mg of sodium a day. Most of it comes from meat and whey protein. I don't eat any salt additives.

Reading this I feel like I am doing everything right. But, for some reason I have become more sensitive to bloating after eating in my lower abdominal area. My pants still fit fine and only on rare occasions I feel bloating in my face. What strikes me as unusual is the fact that I am so sensitive and it shows in this region.