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Thread: Shifting from paleo back to a "normal healthy live" ?!

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    Shifting from paleo back to a "normal healthy live" ?!

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    Hello folks, I enjoyed paleo for about two months(21days were with the challenge from Mark) and I really like living this lifestyle (+ all the other positive side effects like better fitness level etc.) , but since I'm just 16year-old boy (from Germany), I feel like I shoulda wait about 1-2 years and then start again with paleo.I'm living in a family with one brother and parents. And since you all know that paleo is a bit expensive( don't have to - I know) I can't expect from my parents to buy just "for" me all these "must-haves" like grass feed beef, best veggies, pretty expensive nuts and coconut milk. More over I need to cook mornings in my school time mostly, which is kinda problematic ...

    Iam not saying that we/I wasn't/arn't living healthy, but paleo is a bit more then that I think. Although my mum cooks f*ckin amazing and healthy, its very hard to stay paleo, because I must explain everything to my parents and then they think "its just a one of these adolescent phase". Don't get me wrong before I went paleo, I was also living very healthy - I had like 1-2 times in the week bread rolls or sth., although I had for breakfast most times oatmeal with protein powder,walnuts,cranberries etc ( easy and fast) + sometimes millet. So I had grains (for mornings),beans ( all kind of ) and much low fat diary.( sometimes pasta - rice etc.) My mum is always anxious in gettin healthy food for lunch but evenings when all are eat bread, I have to cook for myself if I want some healthy food and then I cook meat/eggs for himself - what is kinda selfish in a family^^ From time to time I cook for my mum and me and she does also like and approciate it but I can't do it for all you know ... ( and my father NEEDS his loved grains ...)
    All these points lead me into the decesion to go back to my "old" lifestyle till I earn my own money and can do whatever I want.

    Btw. If someone read the "Mens Health"( introduced me into Paleo) then you got a pretty good clue about my pre-paleo lifestyle - way of eating and exercising. And don't panic that knowledge from this community ( and other sides) will accompany me the rest of my live :-)
    Don't worry -I will be still visiting all these great paleo blogs ;-)

    To put it into a nutshell, I would like you to ask, is it "good" to change back? Are there any probs ? Like stomach cramps etc. ? What will expect me?

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    I think it's thoughtful of you to see and consider all the implications from the point of view of social relations, trouble and cost for others, and so on. I guess settle at the point that seems comfortable to you all things considered -- the degree of "buy in" to paleo that you want currently to practice. If you do notice any bad symptoms related to a particular food, maybe back off from that food.

    At least if you're avoiding coca-cola, sugar, and processed foods, and getting your sleep, you're doing a lot better than most people, and you can always ratchet your degree of commitment back up, as you say.

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    I think now that you've "done" paleo you'll miss it. At 80/20 there probably is still enough room for you to not make a hassle for your family and still stay pretty primal!

    What are you eating with the bread in the evenings? (Soup?) Can you skip the bread and just eat whatever you're eating it with without having to make another meal?

    If you just skip the bread and skip the sugary desserts and eat salad, whatever vegetables your parents make, or a larger portion of meat instead that shouldn't be too much of a struggle or $ problem for you or your family. Swap out your breakfast oatmeal for eggs (even cheap eggs) and you're doing very well! Maybe your healthy eating will rub off on your parents!

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    You are much better off eating and enjoying what your mom cooks, what your friends go out and eat together, etc. Food is an integral part of society and you want to make sure your social life is good. You seem to know what is healthy and what isn't, so you should trust yourself and not worry. When all of your high school friends leave and you find yourself alone in your 30s, that's the time to experiment with weird diets. Anyway, no one died from eating oatmeal and bread a few times a week.
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    You're young and healthy, so you'll be fine really. As Lewis said, it's very conscientious of you to think about the implications of your choices on others (your family), too.

    When you are on your own -- even in your 20s or in university -- you will likely find other people who eat like you do or what have you, and you'll find ways to make sure that it doesn't inhibit your social life (ie, paleo doesn't inhibit our social lives). BUt, it's learning to balance it, and that's a skill that takes time to develop.

    So, I wouldn't worry about it at all, really.

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    You might want to talk to Gadsie on the forum, he's your age and living in Europe. I don't think there will be any ill effects to changing back as long as you haven't developed a sensitivity to wheat during your period of primal. You are young, healthy, concerned about staying healthy, and blessed with a great mom, so I think you are already on your way to a healthy life, no matter what dietary lifestyles you choose.
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    Hallo Demore!

    I second all the advice given here. Family relationships shouldn't suffer because of food - do what you can to get close to Primal, and don't worry about the rest until you have control of your own kitchen. In a "perfect" Primal kitchen you would only find the best ingredients like grass-fed and pastured meats, organic everything... but that happens only in a perfect world, which none of us live in. All of us here have choices to make every day that aren't perfect, and we are still here despite eating imperfectly.

    Use the Primal / paleo rules as long-term goals, especially at your age. You haven't damaged your health to any great degree - some of those who come here for help and are truly sick and suffering need to stick to the guidelines closely, but that isn't you.

    And yeah, you might want to talk to Gadsie here. Er ist fuenfzehn Jahre alt, wohnt in die Niederlande, und ist auch der einzige Primal in seiner Familie.

    Good luck, and let us know how you are doing.

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    I appreciate grass fed meat can be expensive, so go conventional beef. If you can avoid wheat and try and limit other grains, beans, etc you are way ahead of the game
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    I am from Germany, too, and I know how hard it is to be the single primal person around. Anyone is eating bread, pasta and potatoes. All love cake and cookies and other sweets. They can't and they don't want to understand that this could be bad for you. And of course most people don't cook from scratch anymore. Glad to hear your mom does, which will help a lot.
    Try to get a healthy breakfast with eggs (cheap and tasty!) or maybe Quark or high fat yoghurt with fruit and nuts, and try to limit bread and grains. Don't worry about the burger or pizza if you go out with your friends. And don't worry about gras-fed. If your mom buys meat at the butcher it even might be gras-fed sometimes. If she buys at the supermarket chances will be minimal.
    PM me if you have questions or want to talk a little bit about primal living in Germany (but I am not an expert, just trying to get along, too)

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    Yeah, Gadsie has resumed pizza and ice cream with his buddies and whatever else and he's actually looking much healthier these days, plus he sounds more healthy when he writes, less stressed, less anxious and happier. You will be fine.
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