Hello folks, I enjoyed paleo for about two months(21days were with the challenge from Mark) and I really like living this lifestyle (+ all the other positive side effects like better fitness level etc.) , but since I'm just 16year-old boy (from Germany), I feel like I shoulda wait about 1-2 years and then start again with paleo.I'm living in a family with one brother and parents. And since you all know that paleo is a bit expensive( don't have to - I know) I can't expect from my parents to buy just "for" me all these "must-haves" like grass feed beef, best veggies, pretty expensive nuts and coconut milk. More over I need to cook mornings in my school time mostly, which is kinda problematic ...

Iam not saying that we/I wasn't/arn't living healthy, but paleo is a bit more then that I think. Although my mum cooks f*ckin amazing and healthy, its very hard to stay paleo, because I must explain everything to my parents and then they think "its just a one of these adolescent phase". Don't get me wrong before I went paleo, I was also living very healthy - I had like 1-2 times in the week bread rolls or sth., although I had for breakfast most times oatmeal with protein powder,walnuts,cranberries etc ( easy and fast) + sometimes millet. So I had grains (for mornings),beans ( all kind of ) and much low fat diary.( sometimes pasta - rice etc.) My mum is always anxious in gettin healthy food for lunch but evenings when all are eat bread, I have to cook for myself if I want some healthy food and then I cook meat/eggs for himself - what is kinda selfish in a family^^ From time to time I cook for my mum and me and she does also like and approciate it but I can't do it for all you know ... ( and my father NEEDS his loved grains ...)
All these points lead me into the decesion to go back to my "old" lifestyle till I earn my own money and can do whatever I want.

Btw. If someone read the "Mens Health"( introduced me into Paleo) then you got a pretty good clue about my pre-paleo lifestyle - way of eating and exercising. And don't panic that knowledge from this community ( and other sides) will accompany me the rest of my live :-)
Don't worry -I will be still visiting all these great paleo blogs ;-)

To put it into a nutshell, I would like you to ask, is it "good" to change back? Are there any probs ? Like stomach cramps etc. ? What will expect me?