I'm not ready to give up soap and shampoo, but I am interested in products that are more natural.

I would like to find the most natural possible liquid soap that is moisturizing. Has anyone tried the Tropical Traditions liquid soap (http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/or...al_soaps.htm)? Its only ingredient is saponified coconut oil. My skin is dry enough that I am looking for a soap that leaves a little oil on my skin rather than stripping away the natural oils. Has anyone successfully added powdered vitamin c (which destroys chlorine) or some kind of moisturing oil to liquid soap without completely losing sudsing? I'm willing to try a recipe adding glycerine and oil, but my first experiment was not a success (lost sudsing and separated).

I have grey hair and swim in a pool twice a week, so I believe I need specialized products to keep my hair from turning green. I have sought out grey hair shampoo and swimmer's shampoo that is sulfate free. Pravana Pure Light Sulfate-Free Brightening Shampoo is thin and has a horrible artificial grape scent, but it doesn't strip the natural oil from my hair. Is there a natural purple shampoo? At great expense I have ordered LANZA Healing Swim & Sun Daily Chelating Shampoo for pool use, but it hasn't come yet.