Good morning!

I have read about everything I can on this topic and still have some questions...

I am only working on making chicken broth right end result is that I want to make chicken "soup" so I am not just looking to make the broth.

So far, I have been making the chicken soup this way:

1. Roast a chicken in the oven.
2. Remove the white meat BUT leave the dark meat.
3. Place the remaining chicken in my crock pot.
4. Cover with cold water, add some spices/onion/celery and vinegar.
5. Bring to a boil then let simmer for several hours.
6. Strain the broth and discard the chicken.
7. Put broth in the fridge overnight.
8. Remove the fat that collected and reheat the broth to a boil.
9. Add some spices, sauteed onions, celery, and carrots and boil for another 6 minutes.
10. Add the saved shredded chicken breast from the original roast.

This is really delicious, however, I am wondering if I am gaining the same benefits as if I had removed ALL (most) of the chicken prior to the boiling/simmer process? (No one here eats dark meat chicken although I suppose I could add that back into the chicken soup as I am ok with dark meat in a soup.)

Sorry for the long story. I just didn't want to miss a step I was taking.

I guess the bottom line question is this: if I am not "exposing" the "bones" during the entire broth preparation process are the "bone benefits" still available? Are the bone nutrients still "leaking out" although covered with meat? (The meat is basically off the bones by the time it is done - I am not sure when in the cooking process it actually falls off).

If it is true that I really need to remove most of the meat, am I better off just cooking wings and adding other chicken breast later?

I would really appreciate some insight!

Thank you in advance and happy groking!