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Thread: Pictures of Stone Henge, England

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    Pictures of Stone Henge, England

    I was working near Stone Henge in Wiltshire, England recently so I visited and took some pictures. The site dates from 10,000BC but the actual stones were erected around 2500BC.

    The site at the moment is near a main road and this is being buried and the site is being changed back into fields so the stones look more at home in a natural landscape.

    You can only get right in the site on particular dates, eg summer solstice so normally you can just walk around the perimeter which is what I have done. I've taken pictures round the whole walk so you can see them from all angles.

    Don't get too excited I've just used a BlackBerry mobile to take them so it's nothing special. I have always liked them since being a child and I thought some people on this site may like to see them.

    Click onto my albums on my members page, I've loaded them on the 'Stone Henge' album. There's one attached to this post, probably will have to be approved.

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