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Thread: Primal Jamaican

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    Primal Jamaican

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    My father was born in Jamaica and soon coming for a visit, so I was poking around looking at Jamaican food and recipes and found this:

    What was so interesting to me was that if you take out rice and peas (beans) and sugar drinks, most of what's left is a pretty good primal diet! I don't know if this is still what is currently eaten, but no matter; as a template it works.

    Meals are mostly meat, chicken or fish including organs (liver listed as traditional Sunday breakfast! - and tripe, oxtails, cow foot).
    Weekday breakfast says: Sardine, Eggs, rundown (which is fish, I think usually mackerel, cooked in coconut milk) fried plantain (like a banana, but less sweet and generally cooked).
    Lots of healthy tropical carbs - sweet potatoes, yams, breadfruit, bammy is a kind of bread made from cassova which is a tuber, plantains and bananas.
    'Special occasion meal' says curry goat and manish water which is a soup made from goat head.
    Most recipes include scallions, allspice, scotch bonnet peppers - probably some anti-oxidant and other beneficial effects going on there.

    Quick note, the links to the recipes on that page don't work; you have to go to the other sections on the sidebar.

    The only thing missing from the list above is a green leafy vegetable. But another site says callaloo is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here's a pic:

    So I've got some allspice now and working on some recipes... made curried goat already and turned out great!

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    really cool. now I have some more ideas for primal foods! I am always interested in cultural foods. I'd like to try a plantain one day.
    dunno if it makes sense but I feel sorry for the plantain bananas at the store. seems like I never see anyone grabbing them.

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