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Thread: Job VS Primal

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    I work for a small IT consultancy. I'm a little bit consultant, a little bit division director, and a little bit vice president. It's boring as hell after 8 years at this desk, and I wish I could be doing something else (like specialized athletic training/coaching), but it would never pay the same - although I am leveraging it as a possibility (working on certs and experience). Pay is great, I'm 5 minutes from home, and come and go as I please (great for triathlon training, and being a dad). I bring a lunch, usually a BAS, or nuke some meat in the micro. Sometimes I go out to eat with co-workers. So I guess it allows for me to be Primal, but isn't primal in itself, as none of my coworkers choose to exist on that particular plain (they're fat and lazy). I cant really stand most of them, but I pretend to, and man that's wearing on me. It used to be a lot more rewarding, hence an intense desire to reward myself in my spare time.

    Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant.

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    Over the next number of months I will be shifted to temporarily (may be for several months) covering a position where one of the responsibilities will involve nutritional counselling to individuals with metabolic syndrome, or generally having or at risk of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. I'm having some conflict with the idea that the expectation is to use CW (aka Canada's Food Guide). How can I counsel people to eat "healthy whole grains" and "the importance of low fats, margerine, etc" in order to improve their health?? I think I'm going to have to discuss my new philosophies with the physicians in the clinic before I have to deal with this. I expect it to be an interesting of these physicians is the same one who has my husband on lipitor...

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    That sounds tough, ikaika. On the other hand, it could be useful as a way to introduce primal concepts into daily conversation:

    "What do you do for a living, ika?"

    "I poison people."


    As for my (non-primal, office based, state management) job...well, it's not my dream job, but I appreciate it deeply because it is intellectually engaging and offers sufficient income and vacation time to allow me to enjoy the primal half of my life -- farming and endurance racing.
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    I work for a buffet format restaurant. It can be very hard to avoid eating something that doesn't fit with my primal lifestyle choice. We have a large variety of things that I can eat. I get to work with the cooks in testing new meat items and they really seem to like my palate for it. Being primal usually means that I am continually trying new meats and they like that.

    Having said that as a manager and part of the ownership team, I am expected to try out our menu and inspect it for quality. I do spot checks, even on non primal foods. Typically I will only take one bite, make my assessment and move on. No one really questions because they know that I don't eat those things normally and I have to test quite a bit, even though I am not hungry. At first it was hard for me to just do one bite, but over time it became easier and easier.

    My next obligation is to start testing our competition. Not sure how I will handle that, but I assume the same thing will work. I am guessing there will be some strange looks, but thats not new!

    Good luck.

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    Too me going primal and having the j-o-b that I do is kind of weird in the fact that as I get thinner everyone else around me gets bigger.It's scary too

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