I say again because I'm assuming it has been addressed.


I'm refering to this clip, Cordain references an obscure paper that shows EXTENSIVE endothelial damage in a mummy of a frozen Inuit.

Now heres a person who is well adapted to a high saturated fat diet, and is eating as clean of animals as you can get. I think that it's important that they are somewhat adapted to that diet, because I think it would be even more problematic for someone who is not. In the same way that you would not expect a Pima Indian to function optimally on a mostly fruit diet.

I would also like to deflect any comments about alternative hypothesis(aside from diet) as to the coronary plaque, as the Kitivans have shown us that conventional risk factors for heart disease(smoking) do not necessarily contribute to it when the diet is in order. I am aware that they did consume some saturated fat in terms of coconut but it was not the dominant macronutrient.