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Thread: My Beloved Applegate Hot Dogs Went Up 60%!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RitaRose View Post
    Good lord, I'm a Libertarian and even I think it's the drought.

    And honestly, Libertarian philiosophy says they should be able to charge whatever they hell they want, and then people buy whatever the hell they want. If they don't think that's a good price, they won't buy it and the price will go down or the supplier will go out of business and be replaced with another supplier that will have a lower price or fail the same way until someone figures out how much people will pay for hot dogs.

    And it's just freaking hot dogs, not oxygen.
    If it's just hot dogs, then go out and buy a filet mignon instead.

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    Also, a quick lesson on economics, as long as we have free trade, the meat can be sold to foreigners who are desperately trying to get rid of all the US dollars they have stockpiled over the years.

    You might think there is some way we could fix that using guns and violence and force, but there isn't.

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    I got a reply to an email I sent to Applegate:

    The only Hot Dogs that have had an increase in price (a small one at that)
    are our Stadium and Great Organic Beef Hot Dogs (Blue package). Regardless
    the price should not have increased so significantly on the retail end. A
    situation like this might be worth discussing with the store manager as
    they ultimately set the selling price. Good luck and let us know if you
    need additional help.

    Luca Sumberac
    Think I WILL ask the meat department manager about this the next time I'm there...
    Vegan from 1993 until Oct 16, 2010. "D'oh!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by L8F View Post
    I pay $8.99 for the applegate grass fed ones all the time at our local supermarket! WFs has them for a bit less, and I bought about 10 packs when they went on sale for 599!!!!
    Stop & Shop in Branford has them for way less, if you're down that way ever, I haven't checked the S&S in 'Staven but I wouldn't be surprised if they have them too!

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