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Thread: Becoming Fat Adapted

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    Becoming Fat Adapted

    My dearest fellow primalers,

    I am on a mission to become fat adapted this week. I want to be able for my body to relearn true hunger signals, which I have messed up by becoming a frequent overeater the past few months. Therefore, I am doing a modified fat fast, which means I'll be adding in a little more protein and a few vegetables. Think it will work?

    Today it all began with 4 slices of bacon, coconut oil mixed with macadamia nuts and cinnamon, and a bit of romaine with bacon dripping dressing. Later, I had a small bowl of chicken soup, half an avocado, more lettuce with evoo dressing, some pumpkin with coconut oil, and a brazil nut. I punched in the numbers on Cron-O-Meter, and here's my results: 1584 kcal with 84.6% lipids, 8.6% protein, and 6.8% carbs. I'm a bit annoyed, because most of those carbs came from cinnamon and fresh lime juice. Hello, I need some flavor too!

    This is 584 kcals more than the regular fat fast. And still I'm hungry. I wonder how long this retraining will take?

    (Edit: I stayed up late studying, and I had a snack of 1/2 a cucumber, some pumpkin, and chicken. It wasn't a whole lot, and still kept my macros fine, I think.)

    Tomorrow, this is what I shall eat:
    Breakfast 3 slices of bacon, chicken with evoo in romaine
    During the day 2 ounces of macadamias ground in the food processor with 2 tbs coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, and celtic salt to make an AMAZING cookie.)
    Dinner a slice of smoked pork shoulder, a small bowl of cream of pumpkin soup; a salad made with baby romaine, avocado, rutabaga, and cucumber, with some sort of evoo based dressing. I also had some of the pork before dinner, as it was cooking. Also, a few pumpkin seeds. Then I had a little more of everything, since everyone was having ice cream and hot chocolate....

    My calories are 1876, fat 77.2%, protein 16.7%, carbs 6.1%. Too many carbs!
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