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And if you think that's an ok way for a school to behave, then that's perpetuating institutionalized abuse.

I experienced a great deal of institutionalized abuse in school. What you describe is a great example, but other things include public humiliation, unjust punishment with no due process (or process to overturn punishment), and many other things that go against basic human rights.

And this was simply because I was *younger* than those in power. No less human, no less self sovereign, just *younger*.
If the administrator decides to use their own discretion, the parents sue the school. This is the exact reason why rules are followed to the letter. I don't know how things are run in NZ but here in California, if a teacher even looks cross-eyed at a child, there are going to be legal consequences. These rules were installed because of parent's acting like assholes in the first place. I like to refer to this as the "Pussification of America". Yes, this Kombucha incident is stupid and the admin could have just confiscated and subsequently drink the beverage . Then, another parent gets wind of what happened and asks why this student brought alcohol to school and the whole fucking thing comes unraveled. I think on a day by day basis, teachers and admins do use their own discretion, they just need to be extremely careful in certain circumstances to avoid litigation. My wife is an elementary school teacher and I hear about this crap all the time.