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Thread: Primal diet and eating disorders?

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    Primal diet and eating disorders?

    Does anybody have any advice on using the primal lifestyle and diet to treat eating disorders? The past few years I have been battling with depression and anxiety, I began seeing a therapist about 6 months ago to treat it. Through therapy, it has recently come to my attention that what I called being 'nutritionally aware' is actually a full blown eating disorder. I restrict, I binge, and I am addicted to calorie counting and label reading. When I eat foods that aren't organic or grass fed I feel anxiety because I am afraid I am going to get cancer from it. Based on that you would expect me to be thin, yet I am 5'10" and weight 220 pounds. I am disgusted with myself and that leads me to restrict my foods and then I have a hypoglycemic episode (I've had it since I was born) I get insane, literally I can not think or function and I get really emotional, once I realize I'm just hungry I binge on tons of food, they are mostly primal but it's still a binge. After that I feel even more ashamed and so a cycle begins again. When I was 21 I used to not eat on purpose, I like the way it feels to go to bed hungry. I didn't binge then and I got down to 160 lbs and looked and felt great. I gained that weight back in about 6 months once I started binging. I know this is wrong but I can't stop. When I read these message boards I get so jealous of people who are talking about how successful they have been and how it's so easy the weight is just falling off. I want to be like that. I know 80% of it is diet, but I can't seem to stick to it and it's making me feel hopeless. This post is kinda all over the place, I guess I'm just hoping someone has advice or has been in my same situation.
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