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Thread: My Doc is so CW!

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    My Doc is so CW!

    Just talked with my Doc's office manager to find out how I would go about getting the LipoScience LDL-P test done. She told me my Doc considers this test to be experimental and not reliable. I was a little surprised because he almost died of a heart attack himself several years ago even though he was very fit (big time cyclist) and had very low LDL-C. He was taking statins prior to his attack because he believed and apparently still believes that risk of CVD is directly related to LDL-C. In his mind you can never get LDL-C too low.

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    Yep. My grandfather's doc put him on statins without even blinking, and now my grandfather is telling everyone in the family that we should ALL go on statins now, or die.

    I shudder if I ever have to explain this diet to him.

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    Unfortunately the regular doctors are limited and just won't do any non-standard test simply because the insurance company may frown upon such things. Well, that's what happened to me when I tried to ask my physician to get NMR and a full thyroid panel done yesterday. He's no longer my physician.

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