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Thread: Weights: Err on more, or on,less?

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    Weights: Err on more, or on,less?

    Hi PBers. So ive paired down my routine for weights to twice a week:

    Day 1: chest x 6 sets, full body x 4 (ex. squat), delts x 3, abwork.
    Day 2: lats x 7, traps x 1/2, biceps x 1/, abwork (ex. planks)

    Is this good enough assuming doing it hard and primal nutrition with occasional sprints?

    My goals are gym session of 40 mins max, no gut over belt, feel good, and ues firm biceps and pecs. Im male and 30.

    I used to live in gym, pre primal. I don't know if to add one or two more weight days, or to extend the sessions to 1hr+.
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