Am I the only one??Has anyone else seen their weight go up or had this much diffulculty losing??

I started following the PB in March of 2011 so I have had plenty of time to adapt. I had already lost 60 pounds using CW ways and was looking for a lifestyle that I could adopt long-term. In the last 19 months I have slowly but surely gained all of my weight back no matter what tweaks I have made. Now I can't seem to lose it no matter what I do!! I have tried the high fat, zero carbs as in I only ate meat, eggs, and coconut. I have tried middle range carbs and lowering fat. I have lowered proteins. I tried the leptin reset and all it did was give me gall bladder attacks severe enough I almost had to have it removed. I am now back to my obese weight, swollen legs, aches and pains have returned. I have no desire to ever eat grains or sugar again because they messed with my stomach. But seriously I need some help here.

I do believe my thyroid could be damaged but I don't have access to medical treatment right now and yes I did try the iodine cure and it made my symptoms worse I don't know what else to do.

Info and typical diet:
52 years old, 5'3, 219 pounds!!

B: organic black coffee, usually fast but have free range chicken eggs when I do eat
L: Organic salad greens with garden fresh veggies and 3-4 oz grass-fed protein
D: 3-5 oz grass-fed or free range or wild protein, 2 different vegs usually one cooked and 1 raw
Calories daily: 1100-1400

I was using a lot of avocado and grassfed butter but quit when my dh pointed out how much worse my cellulite was getting on my legs!! Like really really bad, then I noticed for the first time in my life cellulite on my arms.

I walk everyday, anywhere from 5-10 miles throughout the day. I do trail sprints once per week and lift heavy 2-3 days per week. I supplement mag, D3, C, selenium. I have managed to get my BS down from the 150's to the 90's so that is a huge improvement. I don't snack ever, I don't cheat EVER. I a totally committed to this WOE and spend extra money to get the best food available. I eat smallish to average meals and I am active everyday. If I at least felt great and wasn't plagued by so much pain it might make this easier.

People who know me think I am crazy for sticking to this when I am not reaping visible results and how can I argue? I am open to any and all ideas and suggestions.