Im told that to convert uk numbers to USA, it's x39.
This works with mine, so I presume it's right.
But how do I convert the ratio? On one of marks threads it says that optimum is .3 to .4. My uk number is 163, so it must be a different conversion.

Can anyone help?

Also, my HDL is 58, LDL is 175, trigs are 117, total,is 245, which is high according to mark.
What else can I do to get it down? I am mostly primal, apart from when I go on holiday! Don't touch grains or sugar. Eat mostly meat, eggs, little cheese, little veg, cream in my coffee. (about 4 cups coffee per day) Might have 1 glass of wine a week.
I am peri menopausal, would that have a bad effect?